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Our office is located in Central-Southwest Calgary at 1909 17 Ave SW. Currently, session times are booked here on Mondays, Tuesday and Fridays.


Although Dialog Speech does provide home visits, session times are limited to about 4 or 5 sessions conducted on Wednesdays only, at this time. Please call to negotiate the cost of travel as an added fee will be charged depending on the distance driven to your home. Because of limited availability of home visit times and the added cost of travel to you, we prefer to schedule clients at our office.


For many clients, speech-language practice is best done outside of the home in environments such as schools, playgrounds, daycares, coffee shops, grocery stores, shopping malls, recreation centers, museums, etc. Such therapy provides opportunities for functional, real-life practice in the kinds of unpredictable, challenging situations that define everyday communication. We are happy to meet you, your loved one or your child at places other than your home, if you’d prefer that some of your therapy sessions take place in more dynamic, real word environments. For children, permission for the speech therapist to visit the child’s school or daycare needs to be obtained from teachers or staff in advance. It is usually necessary to have parents present for these sessions with their children. For some adults, it may be advisable to have a family member or caregiver present for sessions. This service is subject to limited session availability and regular hourly rates plus travel charges apply.