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At Dialog Speech Therapy you get all the benefits of an experienced speech-language pathologist (SLP) without the limitations of a sometimes strained public health system. Large demands placed on public health resources can necessitate long waitlists that result in service gaps. We at Dialog Speech can see you while you wait for public therapy or whenever you most need help. If we can’t accommodate you, we have a rich network of other private SLPs to whom we can refer. We have more flexible hours, so that we can accommodate your schedule better, and caseloads are kept small to ensure that you get the highest quality therapy for your money. Because of this, we will never need to postpone or abbreviate your therapy due to overwhelming caseloads or other non-client-related demands.  Dialog Speech Therapy ensures completely customized, one-on-one therapy that is closely tailored to the needs of your child or loved one and that is provided at a frequency determined by your availability, not that of a public therapist. During each session, you or your loved one is our sole clinical focus. Every single session, you will receive fully personalized, direct therapy, getting the help you want, when you want it.

Here is a quick summary of some of the reasons why private SLP services may be for you:

  • You want to avoid waitlists.
  • You want more immediate, regular and intensive therapy than you’re able to get in the public system.
  • You want the option of receiving continued therapy once public services have been “used up” (ex. once you’ve been discharged from a public caseload with no more referral pathways).
  • You want direct, rather than consultative, SLP services
  • You want services that are unavailable publicly (ex. services for dementia or other disorders minimally addressed in the public system).
  • You want a second, professional opinion.
  • You want extra therapy in addition to the pubic services you may be receiving. In cases in which you see a private SLP in addition to another public or private SLP, both of your clinicians are obligated to communicate with each other regularly to collaborate on a treatment program.  Dialog Speech Therapy is happy to collaborate with other SLPs in order to provide you with the best care.