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Phone consultation under $30min is provided free of charge. This consultation allows you to discuss your concerns, decide whether our services are right for you and enables us to collect information regarding the nature of the problem. Longer phone calls with you, or calls you’ve requested that Dialog Speech have with other professionals, will be charged at the hourly rate. .


Informal evaluation of your communication performance and needs is usually provided during your first few sessions and is included in the hourly therapy rate. Ongoing evaluation may occur as a part of regular therapy in order to adapt activities and goals for optimal treatment (also included within hourly rate). For brief, informal summaries or brief notes to teachers, doctors, etc., there is usually a small charge between 30-65$.


Sometimes, based on our recommendations and/or your request, a formal assessment is required to determine the nature of the communication impairments and the best ways to treat them. Formal testing compares one’s performance to statistical standards, enabling you to understand the severity of identified communication problems as compared to statistical averages. You may want a formal assessment to qualify for public or private funding for services, to generate a report for insurance and/or medical reasons or to inform teachers and employers of communication issues. Depending on the severity of the communication difficulties and the client’s willingness to participate, the assessment may be completed in one visit or it may require a few sessions to complete. The regular hourly rate of $130 will apply to formal assessment sessions, just as it does to treatment sessions. Assessment sessions are always at least 60 min in length. Formal assessments usually involve the following:

  • Case History Taking
  • Formal testing measures
  • Diagnostic interpretation
  • Written Reporting
  • Review of findings with client


Depending on the nature of the assessment, and the comprehensiveness you require in the report, writing reports of formal assessments or treatment summaries can be quite time consuming for your SLP.  The charge for formal reports is the usual rate of $130/hour. This includes the scoring of assessment procedures and writing of results, recommendations and strategies. Many reports can be accomplished in about 1-3 hours; however, longer, more complex reports, especially those designed to garner funding from public education or public health sources, often take longer.