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For many of the communication issues described in the Child and Adult Services sections, group therapy is a great way to increase the functionality of therapy while reducing the cost to individual clients. Groups of 2-4 children and 2-8 adults can be organized based upon similar speech-language issues and severity levels. For example, a group of adults could work on accent reduction together quite effectively. Similarly, children of similar ages and speech deficits could work on specific sound production together. For children, the impetus to create a group usually comes from the parents, who may feel that siblings or friends of the client have similar disorders and want to maximize their time and money. For adults, the SLP may offer group therapy to clients who would work well together, can coordinate schedules and can benefit from practice on similar goals. That said, we welcome 2 or more adult clients to seek therapy together – we reserve the right to determine if the suggesting grouping will be clinically apporpiate. Generally, it will be up to the SLP to determine if the speech-language disorders of all the clients are a “good match” for effective group treatment.